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November 15, 2007

I have recently discovered the phenomenon of iLike on Facebook.  You have the ability to share songs that you enjoy, by leaving them on your friends pages.  In doing so, I have also discovered what our band's fans are listening to, as it is posted under favorite music.  I then visited my band-mates Facebook pages and looked at their favorite music (and simply listen to their iPod blast at night) as well as mine, and suddenly realized...


... there is a drastic difference.  


Nothing wrong with that at all.  It just find it very interesting, because we adore our fans, and get along quite well.  How does it match up?


So as we are listening to entirely different music, than what our band is categorized as... I am left with three hypothesis:


1.  Our band has failed to make music that sounds anything like our influences, or be placed alongside with our favorites.


2.  We are a rare breed of a power pop band (rock and roll + melodies) that succeeded to penetrate the pop culture market.


3.  Marketing has defeated music itself... whereas a schtick, image, and a great deal of photoshopping have taken priority, whereas he actual music is an extracurricular.


What do you think?


... to be continued...


以上是Ben他的網致 其實他打了很多有關他心目中音樂的網致  包括我剛剛看完一篇 說到有關政府的
我心理為音樂人覺得..有點不值吧 政府寧願把錢花在一些很鬼的地方 也不願意正視這些音樂人
或是電影人 什麼都好!!!!!!

不過我之所以只po這篇 是因為 這篇網致一開始 給我這震撼很大  當他提到 從facebook中(我最近超熱衷)
有一個軟體是你可以去選擇你喜歡的音樂人的歌曲 然後去試聽  把他加為你的最愛 而Ben也注意到了
所以他就去看其他人的facebook 發現 聽的音樂風格
drastic difference 極度不同時 我真的傻眼了
我以為 他們是有喜歡同一種音樂所以組成的!!!!!!!不過 我的驚訝沒有維持太久 看到下面他列舉的點
你可以發現 為何他們可以如此契合>>>>這給我很大的信心
也因為如此 我們這群fans才可以繼續支持他們久久久  


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